Welcome to Peaking Your Interest with Ira Zlotowitz. For most of his twenty-plus years in the real estate industry, Ira has been President of Eastern Union, a leading national commercial mortgage brokerage firm that closes $5 billion annually, and capitalizes on deep relationships with more than 150 national and local lenders.

This is the show that’s all about the ins and outs and the ups and downs of working in the real estate industry. Whether you’re just thinking of entering real estate or you’re someone already in the industry looking for some information or even inspiration, this is the show for you!

Episode Blogs

  How can you give such value to the company that you become virtually indispensable? In his final message for
PYI 11 | Creative Financial Structuring
    With so much data just at your fingertips, creative ways to do your financial structuring are now easily
PYI 10 | Syndicating Bridge Loans
  Are you looking for a loan to cover an interval between two transactions? Then bridge lending is the one
PYI 9 | Lender's Perspective
  Just as people borrowing money from financial institutions have their own point-of-view about how systems work or should work,
PYI 8 | Working With Contracts
  Working in real estate, you encounter different sorts of people with their own kinds of practices, but the one
  It’s an often less-understood topic in real estate, but financial structuring is an essential tool in a real estate
PYI 6 | Questions To Aks Investors
  In real estate, you will only make money when you close. That is why doing your due diligence will
PYI 5 | Underwriting Real Estate Deals
  Regardless of what you already know, you always start from the beginning. In this episode, Ira Zlotowitz tackles one
PYI 4 | Property Types And Descriptions
  Getting into the real estate industry, it is critical to know the different property types and their descriptions. In

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