Four Points You Need To Know About Retail

  • On May 8, 2018

Despite the dominance of online shopping, retail properties are proving to still be a worthwhile investment; provided they’re done right. Here are the things you need to know when investigating the market:

Aesthetic: As more and more shopping is taking place via the screen, consumers perceive brick and mortar stores as an experience or social activity rather than a convenience or necessity. Choosing a building with high curb appeal and attractive interiors will be more likely to breed success.

Convertibility: Choosing space that’s flexible will allow vendors of all stripes to become interested in your shop. Research the zoning restrictions that can potentially prevent you from remodelling for a lucrative retail opportunity that may arise further down the line.

Space: Especially in urban areas, make sure there’s adequate room for trucks carrying the vendors wares to safely load and unload. Even if that area is not directly in front of the building, ensuring there’s a set location nearby that doesn’t block traffic will save all parties a big headache.

As always, location: Although true in all forms of real estate, the location of retail properties have an added dimension of importance. Urbanized areas of high foot traffic, or buildings adjacent to public areas such as gas stations or banks will likely garner the most attention, and thus the most customers. Tenants will be wary to rent in residential, sleepy areas, leaving you at risk of owning a property with too many vacancies.



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