When They Cheat: Key tips to spot a subletting tenant

  • On May 18, 2018

The illicit use of online subletting platforms (such as airbnb) has been on the rise. Many tenants may be renting out their apartments without approval of the property owner. Rather than endless hours scouring the internet to see if your assets appear in listings, you can have an eye out for unusual behaviors that will signal your tenant is being unfaithful.

First, the obvious – If a tenant is making efforts to keep you at bay, or if neighbors are complaining of a neighbors rotating door, you have reason enough to become suspicious. An excess supply of toiletries or bedding during a routine inspection, that can also tip you off. The opposite should also raise a red flag. Sure, your tenant may be minimalistic, but a pronounced lack of clothes, shoes, books or personal items may indicate that your tenant is treating your space as a hotel, with themselves as manager.

Another alert is if a tenant wants to rent more space than they need. This is a possible sublet signal, as more and more people capitalize on subletting extra square footage.  The play is to lease to short term renters, as they’re able to charge more than you for the same space.

Lastly, a tenant intent on prepaying six months or more of rent at once is also fishy. If they’re subletting scheme is discovered and you try to evict them, having their rent in your pocket will make the arduous and lengthy eviction process all the more so.



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