• On May 23, 2018

Eastern Union pushed the website live in beta mode and is asking industry professionals to take the site for a test drive.

If you like your experience or have feedback to improve the experience, please email [email protected]

For the information hungry folks, here is some background:

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of the real estate industry’s leading tech pioneers and was lucky to have witnessed the genesis of many trendsetting companies such as VTS, Floored, Honest Buildings and many other innovators. Ever since around 2007, the convergence of real estate and new technologies have fascinated me.

Recently, luck struck again. I received a sneak peek at the new website for Eastern Union Funding – the fastest growing commercial real estate mortgage company in the United States.

Sounds boring? Think again!

Move over website. Hello big data. The Eastern Union homepage opens with a Google like search bar to enter any address in the United States. Your search will generate a full screen map that pinpoints the entered address, together with blue colored locator pins that indicate current listings and gold colored locator pins to display comps; all within the same submarket.

Each listing is stacked with data. Acquisition and asset management teams will be amazed how great of a tool this is.

Anyway… If you’re like me and love new tech to help create a more efficient and productive work day, you’re going to love the new



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